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Is this a video of U.S. soldiers beating a sheep to death?

A video making the rounds today purports to show soldiers in Afghanistan hooting at the death of a sheep.

Muslims around the world celebrate the holy festival of Eid with the ritual slaughter of a goat, to commemorate Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son for the love of God. (God relieved Abraham of the responsibility and gave him a sheep to sacrifice instead.)

Still, it's likely they will not be cheering this video of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan standing on and applauding as what appears to be one of their number beats a sheep to death with a baseball bat on the holiday. Halal guidelines for humane animal slaughter call to "minimize stress" for the animal, and proscribe slaughtering the beast with a single killing stroke to the neck.

We will have more details on the video as they come in.

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