Loud yelling, five or six gunshots and then screams shattered the early-morning quiet as a man collapsed, dying, on the pavement in front of a Bay Street condo tower early yesterday.

Hours later, forensic investigation officers were in front of 1001 Bay St., at St. Joseph Street, looking for clues to the 3:20 a.m. slaying. The victim was shot in the back.

What appeared to be a black jacket lay crumpled a few metres from the lobby doors and blood stains could be seen on the sidewalk.

On Bay Street, Zico Barnett and Liz Lyons were awoken on their first night in their new fifth-floor home by loud yelling outside.

“Then we heard the shots,” Lyons said. Barnett said he heard five or six shots and went to the window. He saw the victim on the ground and about eight “young guys screaming, trying to get the ambulance.”

Barnett said the victim appeared to be their age and was wearing what looked like baggy jeans, a hoodie, and white and black “skater shoes.” Other witnesses pegged the victim’s age at about 30.

After hearing “pop, pop, pop,” Brent Williams and a friend he was visiting in the building went to investigate.

“We came downstairs and went outside and saw someone was giving the guy CPR,” he said.

“There was a bunch of people out there crying and stuff. They rolled him over because he was face down.”

Witnesses reported seeing a man who could have been the shooter run down St. Joseph Street and get into a black car, possibly a Honda Civic. He was described as black, with a light complexion, 20 to 30 years old, with a muscular build and wearing a black jacket.

Hours later, a gun was found nearby, at Queen’s Park Crescent. Police are checking if shell casings found on Bay Street match that weapon.

A white stretch limousine, a white Hummer-style limousine, and a black 2005 or 2006 Infinity SUV were seen leaving the scene and might be connected to the slaying.

John, a 1001 Bay St. resident who declined to give his last name, was shocked by the slaying outside the upscale building. He has two out-of-town nieces coming for a visit and hopes they don’t find out what happened.

“It’s horrible,” he said watching police investigators. “Is this the new Finch? That’s the first thing I thought this morning. Very rarely does stuff happen around here.”