Is Whole Foods in trouble?

Whole Foods stock is way down and here's why.

Whole Foods Whole Foods is no longer the only big grocer selling local, organic products.
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The lines may still be unbearable on Friday evenings and people may be buzzing about the new Whole Foods rooftop greenhousein Brooklyn, but if the stock market is any indication, the megachain isn't doing so well. CNN reports that Whole Foods is the worst performer in the S&P 500 this year.



The store's success may be responsible for its own stock market plummet. After other big grocers saw how hungry customers were for organic, locally made products, they started selling them as well. Now, Whole Foods isn't your only option to find such items. Even discount supermarkets sell them.


But with in-store cooking classes and beer tasting events, Whole Foods is already thinking of ways go beyond just selling healthy foods to take the brand to the next level. Those lines aren't disappearing just yet.

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