While most industries experienced challenges over the last year, IT organizations are optimistic about their future and plan to begin to invest in the growth of their business in 2010.

CareerBuilder’s annual hiring forecast reveals that nearly one-third (32 per cent) of IT employers plan to increase the number of full-time, permanent employees; the highest among all industries surveyed.

“The hiring outlook for IT is encouraging for 2010 as companies are hopeful technology will drive innovation and cut costs,” said Eric Presley, Chief Technology Officer for CareerBuilder.


IT employers are looking to the future and making up for lost ground caused by the recession.

The following are some trends for 2010:

Replacing Low-Performing Employees: IT employers are taking advantage of the large number of top talent in the current labor pool to strengthen their work force.

More flexibility: Companies plan to continue providing IT employees with greater flexibility in hopes of maintaining a better work-life balance.

Recruitment tools: As demand for qualified workers will increase this year, IT employers will leverage a variety of recruitment tools in 2009 to fill open positions.

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