One Edmonton-based military family is happy to see Canadian troops staying in Afghanistan after the combat mission is over in July 2011.

Dina Coers, fiancée of Pte. Todd Bottrell, was pleased with last week’s announcement. “It is good for them to stay and finish what they started,” said Coers. “They still need help.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced troops will remain to help with a training mission after the combat mission ends.

Coers says it will always be hard to see her fiancé go overseas. “I would still be concerned because of where he is,” she said.

Coers and Bottrell, who are set to marry in the summer of 2012, raise a five-year-old together.

Coers said her fiancé also has a vested interested in ensuring the job is complete, as he lost a friend while on his last mission.

“He does not want his friend’s death to be for nothing,” said Coers.

To date, 152 Canadian soldiers have died in since the war in Afghanistan began.