Danica Patrick sped to Edmonton via satellite from Toronto on Thursday to answer questions on how revved up she is to participate in the upcoming Edmonton Indy.

“I’m working as hard as I can outside the car, harder than ever,” said Patrick, who is one of the top participants in the race. “Just doing more things to prepare for the event that I hadn’t done before, being even harder on myself than any other year about the areas that I need to improve.”

She said that she appreciates having people around her that are not afraid to say that something she did was “crap” and uses it as constructive criticism, even though it is hard to hear sometimes.

However, she is consistently near the top when finishing.

“Running consistently every weekend also says that you are going to have your chance at that win at some point ... if you are constantly run in the top five, odds are in your favour,” she said.

The Edmonton track is said to be a challenge, a more open track, and is about 90 to 95 per cent turning.
“It is quite rough, you got to hang on, but it makes for better racing on tracks like that, that are more open because you have an opportunity to pass,” Patrick said.

She added that the Edmonton track being wide and open makes for high speed.

Recent news about the decision to get rid of the City Centre Airport puts questions and worries to what the Edmonton Indy’s future will be.

However, Edmonton Indy ensures that it will not be interrupted for 2010, but beyond that is uncertain.
The Rexall Edmonton Indy will start on July 24 and end on July 26, and will also feature entertainers such as Roberts Band.

For more details, go to edmontonindy.com.

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