Sarah Jackson of Barrie, Ont., appears as one of models on the five Canadian episodes of Deal Or No Deal.


Sarah Jackson, 29, had given herself only one more year to try and pursue a modeling or acting career. After that, she decided, she’d just have to chase away any such notions.


Luckily for Jackson, Deal Or No Deal came along before the year was up.

“I kind of gave myself the 30 deadline. ‘After 30, I’m not going to entertain the thought,’ I said.”

Jackson was chosen to be one of the briefcase models on the show’s five Canadian episodes. She was one of many candidates to come down to the Fairmont Royal York Hotel recently in hopes getting the part. “I think it came down to about 600 girls,” she said.

It’s a pretty impressive win, considering the Barrie, Ont., real estate agent came across the open casting call a bit by chance.

“They had it on the Internet, and a girlfriend of mine called me and said, ‘This is kind of right up your alley and you should go and try out.’ And I thought, ‘Yeah, sure, why not?’”

Jackson had done a bit of modeling in the past, but nothing to prepare her for her role on the set of Deal Or No Deal.

In rehearsals, she had to learn how to walk in tune with the music and to face the right cameras.

But the most important part was “getting used to a 41-minute show being taped in three hours,” she said.

Jackson has nothing but good things to say about her experience on the show. And she has no juicy catfight stories to tell.

“Sometimes when you get a group of 26 models together, you think that at least one in the crowd is going to be difficult to work with but I can’t say there was one,” she said.

Now that the taping of the five shows is over, Jackson is working on getting an agent to move forward with her acting and modeling career.

But she still wouldn’t mind joining Howie Mandel and his crew once again.

“I’m hoping they’ll ask me to come to L.A.” she said.