I’m not sure your mom will like this beer, but if she likes pilsner, then she just might love ordering a “Star.” It’s actually called Staropramen (“old spring”), a very drinkable blond beer brewed in Prague. It was recently launched at the Bier Markt (Esplanade and Church), and is sure to be a hit on the eatery’s patio.


But wait, Kealy, you dummy, you exclaim. I’ve been buying cans of this beer at the LCBO for a long time.


I know that, jerky, I retort. But there’s no way you had it in draught in North America because this is the beer’s debut on this continent, according to Inbev and Labatt exec Kevin Healy.

Well, fine, nerd, you respond. Perhaps I’ll enjoy an $8.74 pint of this stuff there. (Yikes! I hope you do.)

Beer Myth Of The Week: You can get draught beer in a can or bottle. Wrong. It’s the same liquid. The difference is that CO2 is added into a can or bottle before it is sealed.