Notice anything different this morning, Toronto?

At 12:01 a.m. today, the race for campaign sign space began. By the time you read this, the city’s street corners, sidewalks and shop windows will likely be plastered in these annoying — but necessary — eyesores.

A recent poll showed 25 per cent of Torontonians aren’t following the municipal election.

That’s about to change, said Coun. Howard Moscoe, who runs an election sign company.

“Signs are part of the aura of an election campaign. They’re completely unimportant and totally important. They get people thinking and reading about the election,” he said. “You won’t be able to avoid knowing there’s an election going on.”

Neighbouring cities, such as Mississauga and Vaughan, have been littered with campaign signs since 2:01 p.m. Sept. 10. Municipalities are able to set their own signage bylaws.