We all find ourselves, at one time or another asking, “how much longer is this going to take?” while travelling Deerfoot Trail.

Thanks to a City of Calgary pilot project, now, you’ll know.

Until Nov. 23, the city will utilize 12 variable message boards along Deerfoot Trail to get its travel time information to the public, using bluefax technology that captures MAC data from vehicle Bluetooth devices, and measures that vehicle’s travel time from point A to point B, according to city traffic manager Troy McLeod.

And that has some Calgarians saying “nice work.”

“I was quite impressed when I saw them this morning,” said Almoonir Dewji, who travels up Bow Bottom Trail on to Deerfoot daily.

“It will be very useful to drivers. Up to now, the signs on Deerfoot have been pointless.”

According to McLeod, the travel time system is updated as soon as they get a new reading from passing vehicles, downloaded instantly from the signs. He said it’s manually updated as often as necessary. “Providing estimated travel times will allow motorists to know their destination travel time and make use of that information for route choices,” said McLeod.

The precision is important to drivers like Dewji, who would use it to make informed route choices.

“It needs to be as accurate as possible, or it’s useless,” he said.

McLeod said it’s possible the system could run on other thoroughfares in the future, and be tied into a vehicle’s navigation system to update the best possible routes.