Despite how it sounds, Kaeshammer isn’t the name of a German metal band.


But Kaeshammer — first name Michael — is German.


And a musician.


Only the piano is his instrument of choice and his boogie-woogie sound is influenced by jazz, soul, R&B and pop.


That’s not to say the singer-songwriter — who immigrated to Canada with his parents when he was a kid — doesn’t set the stage on fire with his incendiary performances.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.

“For me the performance is as much about the energy coming off the stage as the energy coming from the audience,” he says.

“It’s about being myself, writing from the heart and showing my love for life. That’s what I want to convey. After the show, people ask me, ‘Do you really have that much fun?’ And I say, ‘You don’t know the half of it. It’s even more exhilarating than it looks.’"

It looks as if he’s having a blast.

And although he’s known as a technical wizard, it’s his showmanship that really has people talking.

Maybe not that surprising for a guy who’s as comfortable at home in the kitchen cooking for friends as he is on stage performing for a crowd.

For Kaeshammer, it’s all about sharing the experience.

Michael Kaeshammer performs at the Vogue Theatre Wednesday, May 18, with Jill Barber.
Tickets available at


OK, so most people heading to Rogers Arena tonight will be going for the musical master class that is known as System of a Down.

But if you’ve planning on going, do yourself a favour and hit it early to catch Gogol Bordello’s high-energy performance. Tickets still available at Ticketmaster.


Kid Rock seems to have mellowed somewhat over the years.

After all, his latest album, Born Free, doesn’t even have a Parental Advisory sticker on it.

That’s a first from him. One wonders if he even bothers with the hiring of strippers for his live performances anymore.

Is nothing sacred? Check him out Tuesday, May 17 at Rogers Arena. Tix at Ticketmaster.