Sometimes the easiest solution can be the best solution.

Lock your car.

Police simulated a vehicle break-in as part of Crime Prevention Week, showing not only how quickly a thief can come and go but also demonstrating that something as simple as locking doors will deter theft.


“The majority of (targeted) cars are left unlocked and running,” said Det. Chip Sawchuk. “That’s the number one [reason] cars are stolen.”

“Theft for profit isn’t our major problem in the city; our major problem is people that don’t keep their cars secured,” he said.

Sawchuk said that along with locking up the vehicle, deterrents like The Club help with steering thieves away, and that education would help with keeping the number of stolen cars down.

“It’s important because we want to get out to the public that we have a major problem with auto theft,” he said.