It's been a weird week and one that has pretty much scared the hell out of us. People chewing faces, dismembering victims, other people eating brains and hearts — what is happening to the world? Is there something in the water? Are we living a real life version of "Walking Dead"? Is the Zombie Apocalypse upon us?


Allow us to recap.



Rudy Eugene

In a horrific incident on a Miami sidewalk, Rudy Eugene was shot and killed by police last weekend after they found him gnawing away at another man's face. By the name Eugene was shot, he had eaten and disfigured 75 percent of 65-year-old Ronald Poppo's face, right down to his beard. Witnesses told police Eugene, who had stripped naked, looked ravenous as pieces of flesh hung from his mouth. He even growled at people who stumbled upon the horrifying scene and called police. Cops said they fired one shot at Eugene and it didn't stop him from attacking Poppo's face with his mouth. They fired more shots, killing him after that.

While Eugene's mother has said her son "was no zombie," this incident was just the beginning of a bizarre, cannibalistic week of news.



Luka Rocco Magnotta

Authorities are currently on the hunt for a Canadian porn star from Montreal who is suspected of dismembering a man and mailing his body parts to the offices of political parties. Police said Luka Rocco Magnotta has a bizarre past of animal torture and bi-sexual porn. He may be responsible for a beheading that was recorded and posted on a website that specializes in gore.

Police found a bloody mattress and pools of blood on the floor and in the refrigerator of Magnotta's Montreal apartment on Wednesday. A janitor stumbled upon a suitcase that held a torso with no head or limbs in an alley behind Magnotta's apartment building. He is also suspected of mailing a decomposing foot to the Conservative Party in Ottawa on Tuesday. A was discovered in another package at a post office and police believe it may belong to the same victim.

It's believed that Magnotta has fled to France.

Alexander Kinyua

A Baltimore college student has admitted to police that he not only killed a man, but then ate pieces of his heart and brain, too. 21-year-old Alexander Kinyua, a student at Morgan State University, confessed to murdering 37-year-old Kujoe Agyei-Kodie — a masters student living with his family — then dismembering him and storing some of his body parts in metal tins and throwing the rest in a dumpster behind a church, according to WJZ in Baltimore.

Kinyua told police he also ate parts of Agyei-Kodie's heart and brain, but has not revealed his motive for the killing. He was charged this week with first degree murder.