Beer Store expert tries to stretch your tastebuds

Dick Loek, Torstar News


Maudite, a beer with eight per cent alcohol, is shown with fellow Unibroue brew La Fin Du Monde, and Sleeman Cream Ale.

The snow is starting to fall and maybe stay, and it’s time to think about that all-important winter holiday. Have you stocked up on beer, wine, champagne, whisky, spirits or otherwise? We have a few suggestions that might work for you in this week’s Booze, er, Food section.

Over the course of the next three weeks, Metro’s Food section will take on holiday themes. Beer, Wine And Liquor this week, Anything But Turkey For Dinner next Thursday, and Chocolate on Dec. 21.

Today’s section will include:

  • My column on throwing a beer party for women (a good starter for anybody, really).

  • Shandy


    Light lager

    Ginger ale

    Slice of honey dew


    Pour both liquids half and half into a glass. Add honey dew on side (Warning: lemon’s acidity kills a beer’s head).

    Stout Dessert


    Vanilla or toffee ice cream

    Guinness Draught

    Crumbled flakes of chocolate



    Throw a scoop of ice cream into a martini glass. Pour Guinness over it. Top with chocolate flakes and berries.

    Red Eye



    3-4 oz. of lager/pilsner

    Celery stick

    Worcestershire sauce





    Pour clamato and beer into a tall glass with salt rim. Add a few drops of worcestershire sauce, celery, and slice of lemon. Salt and pepper to taste.

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