“It takes at least two years of being a barista to make a good cappuccino every time,” says Samuel James, 25, veteran barista and owner of Sam James Coffee Bar.

They need to learn how to get the water temperature just right for the espresso and steam the milk to the right amount of thickness. But none of this could happen without the right tools.

“The machine you use should be functional first, fashionable second. A good grinder is what makes all the minor adjustments to perfect making espresso. It’s the heart of any great coffee shop.”

While you may not have to inclination to train for 24 months, James says you’ll know a good cup of coffee when you taste it by its freshness, character and craftsmanship.

“It should have depth and subtly that builds as you drink it…great coffee comes from the hand of somebody who cares to follow the steps towards making it great.”

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