Dark chocolate should be enjoyed: Manufacturer



Dark chocolate, with its promise of lowering blood pressure and LDL (bad) cholesterol, has become all the rage, but for one manufacturer there is a fear it could be construed as just a fad.


“I’d hate to see chocolate as being something pharmaceutical because, like fine wine, it’s more about feeling good and enjoying something wonderful without being virtuous,” says Craig Sams, founder and chairman of the British-based Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate.


The company he founded in 1991 with his wife Josephine Fairley, environment columnist for the The Times of London, came about when the pair sampled dark 70 per cent chocolate made from organic cocoa beans.

Sams has been a pioneer in organics since the 1960s. He founded Whole Earth — an organic food company.

The cocoa beans used in Green and Black’s confections are grown and hand-picked on plantations in

Belize and the Dominican Republic. Their first bittersweet organic chocolate bar contains 70 per cent cocoa solids.

In 1994, the company’s Maya Gold chocolate bar was the first product ever to be awarded the Fairtrade Mark.

This spring, Canadians will be able to sample six of Green and Black’s organic chocolate bars including Dark 70%, Dark Chocolate and Ginger, Dark Chocolate and Mint, Milk Chocolate and Almond, and Maya Gold.