TTC driver afraid to return to work after attack, injury

When he started driving a bus 10 years ago, Lee’s biggest worry was other cars on the road.



Today, his main concern is passengers and pedestrians.


Lee, 37, who did not give his last name, has been spit on three times in the past year, has been verbally abused almost daily — and last week he was taken to hospital in the middle of his shift to have shards of glass removed from his eyes after someone hurled a pumpkin at his windshield.

"It’s getting worse out there," Lee said yesterday. "I believe this is my worst year yet."

Recovering from his ordeal at home, the 10-year TTC veteran said in the last little while he’s become terrified of doing his job.

Lee, who couldn’t open his eyes after the bus was struck by a pumpkin on Halloween night, and a passenger were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Police are still searching for suspects.

TTC chair Adam Giambrone said operator abuse is an issue of "increasing importance" to the TTC, as assaults seem to occur about every other day.