A Newfoundland and Labrador Senator wants to bring back the Canadian Navy.

Senator Bill Rompkey appeared before the Senate standing committee on security and defence yesterday hoping to change the official structural name of the Navy from “Maritime Command” to the “Canadian Navy.”

“Officially, legally, we’ll be calling it what it is,” Rompkey told Metro yesterday.

“The Canadian Navy has been called the Canadian Navy for many years now but that’s not how it is officially known.”

The committee will deliberate the motion and report back to the Senate. Rompkey said he’s hoping the name change will be implemented before the end of the year, which is also Canada’s Naval Centennial.

Rompkey said in 1968, unification combined the Canadian Navy, Army and Air Force under the banner the Canadian Forces. He said the three divisions of the military were re-named, and Canada’s Navy became the Maritime Command, “which means absolutely nothing to anybody, including the general public.”

He said the switch will restore the name of Canada’s Navy and look forward to the future.

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