Re: “Street racing needs to be stopped — Lisi Tesher’s column,” July 4:

To quote the column: “Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant stated that any cars found to have been adapted for street racing can and will be confiscated, even if no charges have been laid, and no race has occurred. All it takes is one tip and police have the authority to seize and destroy these vehicles.”

It’s statements like these that get me mad — how can they confiscate a car without any evidence? Don’t we have any rights at all? It’s supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, not guilty based on assumption.


And another thing: What exactly do they consider “cars adapted for streetracing”? Skirts? Wings? Lowered? Bucket seats? It’s so vague!

Just because the car is modified doesn’t mean they are streetracing. You wouldn’t arrest people just because they look like thieves or rapists. How is this any different?