It’s 3 p.m. and you want your afternoon pick-me-up.

You might pour a fourth cup of java, but Coca-Cola hopes you’ll reach for their low-calorie, coffee-like soda that hit the shelves this week.

It’s called Coca-Cola Blak.

“Studies have found that successful people, from top senior executives to top athletes, treat their break seriously, disengaging themselves completely from their work, mentally, physically, and even sensory wise,” says Anne Gomez, Coca-Cola productivity consultant. “Coca-Cola Blak can take that experience to the maximum.”


It’s caramel-coloured and tastes like Coke up front, with coffee coming through at the end. And, no, a homemade coffee-Coke mix doesn’t work.

The Blak and white of it

  • WHAT: premium, carbonated cola beverage combining coffee essence and Coca-Cola

  • WHERE: Any retail stores and convenience outlets.

  • COST: $1.99 for 237 ml

  • CONSUMPTION BITES: 45 calories and 0 g fat