Texans tight end Owen Daniels was set to hit free agency after this season. The Brinks truck was coming to dump a mountain of cash on his front yard because of his stats, which were turning fantasy owners into real geniuses.

Now that he’s torn his ACL for the third time in his career? Well, forget it. And those fantasy owners?

Daniels is dead to them.


But there is an upshot. Around this time last year, DeAngelo Williams was just another running back in a timeshare. Eight weeks later, he was the most valuable player on most teams that won shocking fantasy championships.

Developments like Daniels’ injury will lead to some big second halves. The main beneficiary in Houston will be Kevin Walter. He’s been relegated to seldom-used possession receiver this season, but that’s about to change. He’s an upside play for the rest of the season.

L.J. is about to get what’s been coming

Larry Johnson’s used his mouth to open the door for Jamaal Charles. The Chiefs want Charles to take the job and run with it. The former Longhorn will do just that thanks to his pass-catching skills. The whispers that L.J. has played his last down as a Chief are growing louder.

Lewis to hang it up a couple years late

Jamal Lewis has said twice this week that he plans on retiring. The sooner the better for Jerome Harrison. What’s the point of Lewis running into the line 20 times for an 0-7 team? Harrison is shaky in pass protection but produces when given a chance.

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