It’s a beauty weekend to take off and drink stubbies with your buddies, eh?

May two-four is Canada’s ultimate weekend of beer, when people tend to light it up with lager (and blond ales).


That’s why I turned to the über-hoser himself — Dave Thomas of SCTV fame, aka Doug McKenzie — for advice on what to do this weekend. The beer lover and his “brother,” Rick Moranis, have had the old toques re-made again, maybe for the last time, to present a special broadcast of the two-four celebration of The Adventures Of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew on CBC this Sunday.

Plus, Dave/Doug gets to shill for Brick Brewing.

“Of course the stubby is what the McKenzies would recommend,” Dave says down the line from Malibu, Calif., “a two-four of the stuff. But you can’t get a two-four of (Brick) Red Cap so get two squares (12-packs).”

Six different collectible Bob & Doug clear stubbies are available (two of the labels are shown on this web page), one in each box of Red Cap.

So what about the food to accompany said stubby? Switch to Doug …

“Plenty of doughnuts, potato chips and a reclining chair, so you can lean back and (yikes, eh?) after eating all of that. …

“My best advice to Canadians is don’t get out of your chairs. That’s when you can get hurt on May two-four.

“Statistics Canada will tell you that it’s not safe to get up out of your chair and go back and forth from the fridge all day. If you don’t put a cooler beside your chair, you’re exposing yourself to potential accidents.”

But what about a proper meal, Dave, er, Doug?

“I always like fried foods. This way if you’re going to load up, you can load up big time. I like all fried food. Every time I get the impression that one of my arteries has opened up a little, I need to clog it up again with some fatty fried foods. ... The foods that are the most delicious are the ones that are worst for us. That makes us as stupid as bears. They make their way into our garbage dumps, and they get shot by local RCMPs ...”

Just when you think the funnyman couldn’t get grosser, I ask him the wrong question (don’t read if you think drink): If Doug could make a beer at Elsinore Brewery, the famed brewery in Strange Brew, what ingredients would you make it with:

“I guess he would make it with the ashes of Brewmeister Smith, with the bodily remains of Max von Sydow, the actor who played of him. It would be a full-bodied ale. That could be the difference between a pale ale and a dark ale, … dirt from the ground. Guess I’m getting a little macabre there,” he says in a gravelly voice with an apologetic chuckle.

You’ll have to forgive the guy. He’s just coming off Achilles heal surgery after recently tripping over a concrete parking divider at the Metropolitan Soho in Toronto.

“I have 11 months to decide whether or not I’m going to sue (awkward pause) … No, I’m not going to sue. I was telling them that at the hotel so I would get better service,” he says with a weak laugh.

What a tough Canuck: Takes a hit and sucks it up.

There’s another sacrifice the native of St. Catharines — who turns 58 on Sunday — is taking with his injury.

“My No. 1 rule is never let a TV crew in your house. They’re here now,” Dave says.

Meanwhile, he and Rick/Bob have their show on Sunday.

Dave speaking: “It’s a one-hour special hosted by former prime minister Paul Martin. I did not want him hamming it up, and wanted it straight and funny. The guy’s hilarious. He did exactly what I wanted him to do.”

Dave’s favourite Martin moment: “When he talks to Canadians about the McKenzie Brothers. When you go out in public, put that beer in a paper bag, tuck your shirt in, and for God’s sake, wipe that doughnut powder off your face.”

Speical guests will include David Foley, Tom Green, Will Sasso and Martin Short.

And, of course, Bob and Doug, “older and uglier,” Dave quips.

The show will be on CBC at 9 p.m. this Sunday, after Strange Brew (7 p.m. start).

Beer-B-Q: Great Lakes Brewery (30 Queen Elizabeth Blvd., just north of the Gardiner Expressway) is hosting their annual Beer-B-Q at their brewhouse in Etobicoke on Saturday, noon to 6 p.m. Enjoy free food and pop on hand, but sorry — beer is pay-as-you-go. All proceeds from that day’s beer sales will be donated to The Gatehouse, a child abuse investigation and support house.

order in: Maybe you want to stay in that recommended recliner and order in pizza and beer. Steam Whistle’s delivery is a $45 fee anywhere in the GTA, with cups, opener and ice included; a two-four is another $44.35. Or get a keg.


Moosehead Lager Pizza Dough (Servings 2 medium (13-oz.) or 3 small (8-oz.) dough patties)


  1. 1/2 cup Moosehead Lager

  2. 3/4 cup water (lukewarm temperature 72F)

  3. 1 tsp sea salt

  4. 1 tsp sugar

  5. 8 g Fleischmann’s Active Dry Yeast

  6. 3 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  7. 500 g (3 cups) unbleached white flour (all purpose)


  1. Dissolve sugar and salt in water/lager mixture (whisk).

  2. Add yeast and whisk until dissolved.

  3. Add flour and mix on low speed for 3 minutes

  4. Stop mixer, add oil and mix on low speed for another 3 minutes.

  5. Stop mixer, mix on high speed for another 2 minutes (8 minutes total).

  6. Weigh out dough into two, 13 oz. (or 0.81 lb.) for medium dough patties (12-in. pizza). Roll into balls, careful not to overwork the dough. Cover and put in cool, dry place overnight for proofing.

Please note: Pizza dough is very heavy compared to bread dough, and the lager in the recipe adds extra weight. If you don’t have a heavy duty stand mixer, I’d recommend mixing by hand.

Par-bake instructions:

  1. Preheat oven to 350F.

  2. Using some flour and a rolling pin, roll out the small dough patty to approximately 11" size. This will be a slightly thinner shell so that it bakes up nicely on the BBQ. Pierce/poke dough patty several times all over with a fork to allow gases to escape while cooking - otherwise you'll have a big football.

  3. Place stretched out patty on a cookie sheet (lightly sprayed with non-stick spray) or parchment paper.

  4. Bake for 5-6 minutes, if dough rises too much, poke gently with fork to allow steam to escape.

  5. Cool and then proceed with BBQ instructions.

—Moosehead Breweries

Barbecue Chicken Specialty Pizza on Moosehead Lager Crust

Grilling Instructions(For a two-burner barbecue):


  1. Preheat one burner of barbecue to medium heat — approximately 450F.

  2. Spread barbecue sauce evenly on crust, using the back of a spoon, leaving a thumbnail width sauce free around the edge.

  3. Top pizza with cheese, bacon, onions and barbecue chicken.

  4. Place pizza on the cool side of the barbecue, the side with no direct heat. Close barbecue lid.

  5. Cook for 6 minutes.

  6. Check pizza to see that cheese is melted and toppings are hot.

  7. Transfer pizza to other side (heated) of grill for 1 minute, just long enough to crisp up bottom of crust (should be golden brown).

  8. Remove from grill, slice and serve.

    These are approximate cooking times; yours may vary depending on outside temperature and size of BBQ.

Two-12s of craft beer:

  • Red Cap, $35.90

  • Neustadt Lager, $45

  • Walkerville lager, $45

  • Trailhead Premium Lager, $59.80