Aviation and history lovers had their passions fulfilled on the weekend as a Fokker D.8 made its home in the Alberta Aviation Museum (AAM).

Coated in vibrant red, the replica plane, built and donated by retired military pilot Ev Bunnell, was ready to take part in a package of historical education for the public.

“We’re ecstatic,” exclaimed Tom Hinderks, the executive director of the AAM.

“It tells several stories. For us it allows us to tell the World?War One story, the big story about Canadians. It also allows us to tell a story about Edmontonians in World War One.”

Made of only fabric and wood, the German fighter plane was considered to be advanced in its day. “It’s the F22 Raptor of 1918,” Hinderks said.

From older to newer generations, people of all ages came out to see the Fokker D.8, watched videos about the downing of the Red Baron and flew a First World War plane in the flight simulator.

“You can make history as boring or exciting as you want, but because we have so much (history) here, so much of it is exciting,” said Hinderks.

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