Enjoy our golden November, with its shorts-clad joggers and kids digging in soft sandboxes, while it lasts. Environment Canada says the warm and sun is going to be pushed out by clouds, showers and maybe flurries later this week. “November has been absolutely gorgeous,” said Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips.

“We’re living on borrowed time right now. This time of year we should have had our first dump of snow.”

Yesterday’s temperature at Pearson airport peaked at 10 C, but the sunshine made it feel October-like. The record high for the date is 15.8 C in 1999.

Flurries may come into the picture Friday, with a high of 3 C, low of 0 C and 40 per cent chance of flurries or rain showers, Environment Canada predicts.

But the snowfall will be minor, if the flurries even show up at the end of the week, says Phillips, holding out a slim hope the weather might continue relatively balmy, with rain but no snow, to December.

“It’s almost as if winter’s going to be a month shorter this year,” said Phillips. “Maybe we’re getting a break this winter.”

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