Nearly a month after successfully ejecting from a plummeting fighter jet, Capt. Brian Bews said he is counting the days until he can fly again.

The 37-year-old pilot was doing a practice run in a CF-18 Hornet on July 23 for the International Airshow in Lethbridge when he felt something go wrong.

“It started to slide to the right and the nose dropped, which is very abnormal,” said Bews. “I could see that (the jet) was going into the ground and I didn’t want to go with it so I knew the only thing left for me was to pull the ejection handle.”

Bews said his decision came instinctively and he didn’t have time to process what was happening.

While he still has about another six weeks of recovery, Bews said he’s never considered giving up flying.

“I’ve always loved aviation and flying,” he said. “I followed my dreams and that’s where I am today.”