Dr. Conrad Murray failed to tell paramedics he had given Michael Jackson Propofol, femalefirst.co.uk is alleging.


Documents from the official ambulance report, which was filled out by medics on the June 25 last year — the day the pop star died from cardiac arrest, caused by “acute Propofol intoxication” — have been released, and state that Jackson’s personal physician didn’t mention he administered the anaesthetic shortly before his passing.


A family friend told the News of the World newspaper: “This is the clearest suggestion yet that Murray misled the paramedics. Why didn’t he tell them about the Propofol? We are sick at what this report indicates.”


Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter over the late singer’s death earlier this year. He has pleaded not guilty.


The notes written by the paramedics state they quizzed Murray about what medications Jackson was on.

However, Murray told them the late King of Pop had only taken the sedative Lorazepam and fluids to rehydrate him after he complained of being exhausted following a sleepless night.