Black corrections officers say they received threats

About 30 black Don Jail guards who walked off the job yesterday — fearing for their safety after several received letters with racially charged death threats — returned to work several hours later after Ministry of Labour officials rejected the reason for the action.



The workers, who were supported by some white guards, returned to work around 2:30 p.m.


Since early 2005, black guards at the jail had reported receiving letters with death threats, some of which called guards "n------" and made Ku Klux Klan references. Some letters were found in areas of the jail only accessible to staff.

Hayton Morrison, a union steward and a guard at the Mimico jail, got a letter himself. "I take the threats seriously. I turned the letter over to the police, but the police aren’t doing enough," he said.

"These threats are as vile as you can imagine."

health, safety act

  • Workers walked out yesterday under the occupational health and safety act.