NDP Leader Carole James defended her party’s economic plan to ethnic voters in Vancouver yesterday after the Liberals pointed out the NDP platform fails to mention trade with China, India and Korea.

James was accompanied by her daughter, Alyson James-Lomax, who spent most of Mother’s Day watching her mom campaign for the province’s top job.

A crowd of about 40 supporters followed James as she walked into various businesses along Main Street near 50th Avenue.

“The first piece is to make sure the public really knows what kind of (economic) condition British Columbia is really in,” said James.

She used Olympic spending as an example and said cost overruns keep piling up. She promised to launch an economic stimulus plan if elected.

James, who was given a gift of incense from the owner of Mother India, a store that sells pashminas and jewelry, said she would also support small business owners.

“We know you help create the jobs in this province, so we want to make sure we’re supporting you as well,” James said.