Jamie At Home seems to reflect a need in world-famous chef Jamie Oliver to spend more time at home after a hectic few years.


British Chef's Jamie Oliver's new TV series and book Jamie At Home
might tie into all the latest trends - sustainable farming, seasonal
and organic produce, cutting down "food miles" by using local sources,
achieving a work-life balance - but actually all he really wanted to
do was go back to making a straight cookery show.


Known for his informal style established in his first TV series The
Naked Chef, his new series seems to reflect a need in Oliver to spend
more time at home after a hectic few years, although he's still saving
the world one meal at a time by encouraging people to eat healthy
organic food.


"I'm a chef at the end of the day and I'm supposed to be on telly
cooking," says Oliver, 32. "Doing Jamie At Home was about pulling
something out of the ground and cooking it - it couldn't be more


In each episode, Oliver harvests a different vegetable from the
bountiful kitchen garden at his home in Essex, England, and shows you
how to use it in a variety of recipes, more than half of which Oliver
says were improvised within an hour of filming.

Oliver also lives in London and says it's easy to be an urban farmer even with the smallest of spaces outside your home.

"I think that's the point of the show, that if people see me do it,
they'd think 'I'll have a go.' Also, if your kids grow it and they pick
it, they'll eat it."