Janice Zicari before her makeover.



What’s your first impression of Janice Zicari?

When she came face to face with our jury, they burst out laughing. With her bushy hair, big glasses, and long glittery coat they thought she looked like “a disco ball” or “a walking traffic light.” And that wasn’t the worst of it. Janice loves Elvis Presley, and her Elvis purse and homemade Elvis scarf made her look like she was in a costume.

Janice has felt the hurt of painful comments ever since she was a child. “I was always put down growing up ... my parents said I was stupid … I felt that I was the ugly duckling of my family.”

Janice needed to break free of her past. So we offered her the help of psychotherapist Sandra Lewis.

We also sent Janice to see our dental team of Dr. Andrew Charkiw and Dr. Armaghan Afsar. They started Janice on a series of Periowave treatments to heal her badly damaged gums. And the dental magicians at Pro-Art Dental Laboratory crafted a new upper denture, partial lower denture, and sculpted her a set of gorgeous porcelain veneers. Our cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Kucy Pon started her on a series of laser hair removal treatments for a stubborn growth on her chin, and gave her Restylane filler to plump up her lips.

Janice’s next stop was with wardrobe stylist, David Clemmer. He wanted to show off her great figure so he took her shopping at Escada.

Dr. Theodore Rabinovich and the team at the Herzig Eye Institute gave Janice a refractive lens exchange and she said goodbye to her old glasses forever.

Stylist Johnny Cupello gave her a sleek layered cut with a base colour of coffee brown and copper highlights.

Our make-up artist Korby Banner gave Janice a warm shimmery colour for the brow and cheekbones to add dimension, and followed up with gloss and liner for voluptuous lips.

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