Many of the shows will go on despite the cancellation of the Calgary Jazz Festival, said the owner of local jazz club Beat Niq.

The festival, scheduled to run from June 21 to June 27, was cancelled on Saturday due to lack of funds, but that hasn’t stopped many of the venues from trekking on.

While there was definite disappointment about the cancellation, Robert Young said Beat Niq decided to make the best of it.

“We thought ‘OK, let’s turn lemons into lemonade’, make it a positive and push-forward,” said Young. “We decided, as an independent venue, to on the next day contact all the bands, because of course it’s a huge impact to those people that are on tour.”

All of the artists scheduled to play at Beat Niq agreed to perform and the shows will go on as scheduled, said Young.

Along with Beat Niq, Mikey’s Juke Joint, the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, Scarboro United Church, Cantos Music Foundation and Original Joes Avenida will be hosting some of the performers.

The prices vary amongst the venues but Young said all shows at Beat Niq will cost $15 for tickets purchased in advance or at the door.

Performances will run until Saturday.

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