What is Michael Bublé’s charming calling card?


Contributing Editor His voice is smooth, his image is the definition of class and his records are ideal make-out soundtracks, but Michael Bublé is the first to admit that, at heart, he’s a bumbler and a goof. Goofiness, the 31-year-old Vancouver crooner says, is what makes him the sexpot he is. “I allow myself to be real,” he says. “I can be goofy, and I think that’s very sexy.”

That “real guy” appeal is obviously working. For the past year and a half, Bublé has shared his “hopeless, helpless, goofy, romantic” love with Emily Blunt. “B & B” met just as each was coming out of a long-term relationship, and they took it slow.

They soon discovered what they had in common: a strong attachment to family, a love for Vancouver (where they’re based) and a healthy skepticism about celebrity culture.

“We don’t court publicity,” says Bublé. “I also love how (Emily) thinks about her career.

It’s the same way I think about mine: it’s my job. We would much rather come home and be with our families.” And it’s not just talk.

On Bublé’s new CD, Call Me Irresponsible, you can definitely sense his nesting instincts in the cover version of Mel Tormé’s Comin’ Home Baby. His sexual confidence is flagged in the signature Frank Sinatra tune I’ve Got The World On A String. And as for his hopes for the future, nothing sums up the Bublé momentum as neatly as the opening track: The Best Is Yet To Come.