Poor Jeb!

Bush, the man has a both a metaphorical and literal cloud above his head. Not only is he losing the election that most assumed he had in the bag, but now the web address redirects to


Cue the sad horn section.


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“Bush's campaign never bothered to register and has been using instead. For the first several months of the campaign, that didn't hurt the campaign; as of late September, was benevolently blank, according to the internet archive site the Wayback Machine,” Vox reported.


“But sometime last fall, someone appears to have noticed an opportunity, and arranged for the Australian company that owns the domain name to redirect visitors to (The Trump campaign denies involvement, for what it's worth.)”


We would say this is one of the saddest moments in Jeb! Bush’s sad, dying animal of a campaign, but who on Earth could forget the cringe worthy moment when Jeb! asked and or begged an audience to clap.