Gym, tanning and laundry are just a few things the state of New Jersey will be paying for after reality TV giant Jersey Shore will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of taxpayers money.

The Associated Press reports show that New Jersey’s Economic Development Authority approved $420,000 worth of production costs back in 2009, before the world ever knew the new meaning of “grenade.”

The MTV reality TV show follows eight young housemates boozing and partying their way through New Jersey’s beach-side bars. A boozing and partying rampage that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie thinks the town can do without. Governor Christie has been quoted in reports saying that the show casts a “negative” and inaccurate portrayal of New Jersey.

Surely that’s not up for dispute. (Does anyone think Jersey Shore reflects well on the state of New Jersey?)


But local authorities in New Jersey have expressed their delight at the flurry of economic activity the production brings to the area.

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