Jessica Simpson is already calling boyfriend Tony Romo her “future husband,” reports.


Now, the singer tells the June issue of Glamour magazine she is “in love” with the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, who she says helped her gain more confidence.


Simpson says she even wrote him a song, Back In My Old Boots.


“He re-introduced me to myself,” Simpson says. “I thought that I had to be deeper, more profound and more artsy. You change with the guys you date. Tony taught me that because he loves me (as me). He made me feel comfortable (being myself) again.”


Simpson dismisses critics who claimed she jinxed his career by showing up at one of his football games that he lost last year.

“Everybody takes everything out on me! But that was ludicrous,” she says. “I don’t understand why they think that I would be a distraction to Tony. Do they really think he can see way far up in that box? No.”

Simpson reveals that Romo first caught her eye while she was going through her divorce from singer Nick Lachey.

“My family and I were watching a Cowboys game ... and — Tony would die if I told you this — but (on TV there was a story) about him,” she says. “They said his celebrity dream crush was Jessica Simpson. My family was like, ‘Did you just hear that?’ His picture came up, and I’m like, ‘He's really cute.’ Then I heard (I was his crush), and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ ”
They met a year and a half later after a friend introduced Romo to her.