Jessica Simpson sprays her hair with perfume so she doesn’t have to wash it, reports.

The singer and actress was advised to only shampoo her long blond locks two or three times a month by her hairdresser Ken Paves, so she uses fragrances to cover the smell when her locks need a clean, the website says.

A source said: “Jessica’s tresses are often greasy, but she hides it well. She wears hats or reaches for the Hairdo, the clip-on extension line she created with Ken. If her hair starts to smell, she just spritzes it with perfume from her own range.”

Jessica is not the only star who shies away from cleansing her hair, the website adds. British actress Emily Mortimer recently revealed she uses dry shampoo because she hates washing her hair.

The Match Point actress admitted: “I’m very unhealthy. I hardly ever get my hair cut and use Batiste Dry Shampoo so I don’t have to wash it every day.”

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