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VIDEO: 92nd Street Y releases "A New Year" during Jewish high holidays

The singers in the video are from Jewish communities from all over the world, including Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires and Nashville.
Michael Ochs, whose music has been performed by Josh Groban, wrote the song.Video/92nd Street Y

Yom Kippur, a day of atonement in the Jewish religion, begins on Tuesday and the 92nd Street Y is taking the opportunity to refresh Americans who have abandoned religious affiliations.

For the Jewish high holidays, the 92nd Street Y released a #NewYearPrayer, a video posted on Facebook that has5.6 million Facebook views,131,568 shares, 38 thousand likes and 4,700 comments.

According to a spokesman for the 92nd Street Y, the song was written by Michael Ochs, whose music has been performed by pop singer Josh Groban.

A Pew ResearchCenter study found that religious affiliation is dropping withMillennialsat the helm of a growing number of unaffiliated people.


Another Pew study found that one in five Jewish people do not consider themselves religious and a quarter of the people polled said they go to synagogue twice a month to not at all.

You can get a live stream of Yom Kippur services here.

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