Ojani Noa, ex-husband to Jennifer Lopez, is preparing a blockbuster lawsuit against the star and her business and legal team for $100 million US, reports radaronline.

After Noa attempted to produce a film featuring home video footage of Lopez — featuring a pants-less Lopez on a motorcycle — she sued for $10 million and won a temporary restraining order to bar the film from public consumption, usmagazine.com reports.

Noa’s nine-figure suit charges Lopez, her father, lawyers and business associates with interfering in the project — and for fraud.

Lopez’s mother, Noa’s attorney claims, sold some of that home-video footage to Spanish language station Univision for $30,000 without Noa’s permission.

Lopez and Noa — who wed in Feb, 1997 and divorced Jan. 1998 — are scheduled to meet in court Dec. 1.

The disgruntled ex-husband plans to submit the home videos in question … no matter what.
Ojani Noa’s attorney said the following Friday:

“I believe that I have an unalienable First Amendment right to enter the JLo home videos into the public court record, so as to defend myself.

If Judge Chalfant has a problem with this, he can have me hauled out of the courtroom in handcuffs in front of the world media.”