Job hunting has become something of a sport in its own right. Gone are the days where the simple mailed out paper resumé sufficed. Today, companies are taking an active role in searching out top talent. The market is moving at a faster rate with e-mail applications and Google background checks — keeping up isn’t easy, which is why many job hunters are creating portfolio websites.

“Finding that first job is a daunting task, especially if you’re looking for something specific,” says recent graduate and innovative job hunter, Michael Sefcik.

“I wanted to go beyond the traditional one-page resumé and provide potential employers with more information about me,” he explains. “I wanted to stand out from other applicants and showcase all of my past experiences in an innovative way.”

Sefcik, 25, recently graduated from Lund University in Sweden with his masters and previously received his bachelor of arts at York University.

Disheartened by the way traditional job sites present online resumés — which are only available to recruiters who are registered to the job site — Sefcik wanted more.

“Sure, job seekers can create an online resume, but more often than not, it’s limited to a lacklustre text version.”

He was inspired to create an online resumé after browsing through the professional websites of university professors and graphic designers.

“Professors often wrote in great detail about their research, whereas designers used portfolios to provide samples of their work. I thought to myself, it would be impossible for them to fit everything onto one piece of paper, but a website, on the other hand, is the perfect medium.

“When looking for information about someone I immediately turn to the Internet. I think whether we like it or not, more and more personal information will end up online,” says Sefcik. “The important thing then, is to manage our online identity in a way that is helpful to ourselves and others, but also respects our privacy.”

Kavita Gosyne, 26, is a vibrant young journalist. She writes about her transition from student to employee and the issues she faces such as office politics.

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