The economy and jobs will be the big issues when Parliament returns on Monday, says government House leader John Baird.

However, the immediate focus will be on the controversial long-gun registry and a looming vote on a bill to scrap it. That could come as soon as Wednesday.

“The economy remains the No. 1 priority for our government,” Baird told reporters Thursday.

He said the Conservative government is ready to work with the opposition parties on measures to strengthen the economic recovery.

Baird, named House leader over the summer, says he’s met his counterparts in the other parties and hopes they can all co-operate on the economy.

“We want to make Parliament work,” he said.

The government’s economic action plan has blunted the worst of the recession, he says, but the country isn’t out of the woods yet and much remains to be done.

NDP Leader Jack Layton, in outlining his vision for the fall sitting, said his party wants to see measures that will create jobs, shore up pensions and improve Employment Insurance.

Baird discouraged talk of a fall election, saying no one wants one.

It’s time for steady and stable leadership, he said.