A man’s early morning run along the Cabot Trail Tuesday turned into a potentially dangerous run-in with a coyote.

Glenn Fricker, a Neils Harbour resident, was jogging near Black Brook at about 8:25 a.m. when a coyote sprang from the woods and began to circle him.
“It just came down out of the woods, down over the bank. I could have kicked it, it was that close to me,” Fricker said.

He yelled at the animal then pulled a flare gun out of his pocket. The coyote initially crossed the road, but Fricker was forced to fire the gun when the animal quickly returned.

Fricker estimated the coyote to be in the 50-pound range.

Derek Quann, a manager of resources for Parks Canada, said because the coyote was so aggressive, it will be destroyed.

Quann said public safety specialists would be in the field until they find the coyote.