Scarlett Johansson won’t tour her new album, reports.

The Match Point actress has recently released an album of Tom Waits covers, entitled Anywhere I Lay My Head, but has decided against live performances in support of the release.

Scarlett said recently she was considering some festival performances to help combat her stage fright.

She said: “It would be sad to not get the band together. Whether it’s at a festival or somewhere that’s kind of fun.

“But I have horrible stage fright, so it would have to be overcome. People approach me and my usual answer is, ‘Ah, I’ll think about that’.

“When I do think about it, I start to get really sweaty and uncomfortable and itchy around the neck.”
However, a spokesperson for her record label has now said: “Music is purely a hobby for her. Now that she’s engaged as well [to actor Ryan Reynolds] the opportunities seem to have become even more limited.”

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