In his first interview since son Jett’s tragic death last January, Scientologist John Travolta says he and his family are relying on almost daily religious counseling sessions to help them cope.

Since the 16-year-old boy died following a seizure, “We’ve been working very hard every day as a family to heal,” Travolta said during a round-table interview with the cast of his latest film, Old Dogs, which also stars wife Kelly Preston and daughter, Ella, 9. “We have our own way of doing it, and it has been helping.”

Travolta, 45, said he has been overwhelmed by all the support.

“You need your friends a lot in times like that,” he said.

Travolta and Preston declined to comment on an extortion case involving a former Bahamian senator and a paramedic who are accused of demanding $25 million from the family with information about Jett’s death. In his extortion trial testimony, Travolta admitted for the first time that his son Jett had autism. He is believed to have kept his son’s condition a secret because of the way Scientologists view illness.

A mistrial was declared this past October. A retrial has been ordered.