After a seven-year rift, Jon Voight tells the new issue of Us Weekly that he and Angelina Jolie have reconciled. “We’re in touch, but not regularly,” Voight, 70, confirms to Us Weekly. “We love each other and that’s the most important thing.”

Jolie, 34, stopped speaking to him in 2001 after a teary Voight appeared on Access Hollywood and pleaded for her to seek help for her “serious mental problems.” But in February, “they met face-to-face” and have been talking ever since, a family friend tells the new Us Weekly.

“Angie made the initial contact,” says the pal. “Brad (Pitt has been supportive — a key factor in her reaching out.”

Source also say Jolie has her heart set on adding one more child to their family and has begun the paperwork to adopt a baby girl from Syria, according to Hollyscoop. But Brad Pitt is reportedly less thrilled about the idea.

“He has made it clear that six children are more than he can handle,” a source says. “The idea of one more seemed ludicrous, but Angie is determined to complete her rainbow family.” An INS spokesman confirmed that “only Angelina’s name was on the adoption papers,” according to the website.

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