Mike McCourt: There’s a poll out there I’m sure you’ve read it. I’d appreciate a candid response Mr. Lord because it shows three candidates as potential victors in this race and you are not one of them. So why are you banging your head against the wall?

Jon Lord: Well I started this for a number of reasons. Because I’m bringing attention to issues and I firmly believe that this is winnable. I don’t believe that the polls that are done across the general population actually reflect the people who are going to be voting on Election Day.

MM: So what are your own polls saying?
JL: My polls say that amongst the people we believe are going to vote that I am doing very well.

MM: Your political experience, which you describe as the best political experience, also includes getting waxed by Dave Taylor in 2004.

JL: I did. Seventeen of us.

MM: You did. So I asked Craig Burrows this question the other day and I would ask it of you. There is that tag hanging around your neck that says “Loser.”

JL: Well I’m not sure about that.

MM: Skillfully avoiding the question, which was, you’ve got that loser tag on you and is it not a bit of a liability Mr. Lord?

JL: I actually haven’t heard anything from anyone on that particular front. Yes I did lose an election but it was a very close election, and 17 of us lost during that election.