Last night on "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart spent some time analyzing the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has spread from its original location in NYC to other spots in the country and across the globe.

He called the protest "the Hard Rock Cafe of leftist movements," poking fun at the way it has spread to major cities from coast to coast. He also jokes that the protesters should change their theme from the 99 percent to the 7 percent after it was reported they've raised more than $300,000 in donations.

He goes on to point out contradicting comments Mitt Romney made in regards to the movement-- first calling it dangerous class warfare, then later saying he understands how the protesters feel.

Stewart then showed a now-infamous photo of a protester defecating on a police car. He scolded the protester saying, "No! Naughty."


He went on to say that protests are frequently more about optics than substance and jokingly added, "Nothing can derail your movement faster than someone who is unable to derail their movements."

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