The 30-year-old singer from Brooklyn took the music world by storm back in 2002 with Come Away With Me. Her new album, The Fall, confirms her talent and desire to move on. Metro World News recently had the opportunity to catch up with the singer and ask her about her sound and the new album.

Your sound is distinctly yours, just a bit more experimental...

It was just time. Sometimes you just feel like you have to do something different..

You worked with producer Jacquire King. What did he bring to the album?

I had a lot of different ideas I wanted to try, but I didn’t really know how to try them on my own. Once we talked, we just totally clicked and he really understood what I was talking about.

You mentioned having done a lot of demos. Did you get some old ideas and rework them?

Yeah, I like doing that. Even if I have an old idea, even if I know it’s maybe not my best song, I want to write and give it a life as best I can. I always like to pull out old stuff and try to revive it, give it CPR!

Is there anyone you’d like to work with?

I love Tom Waits. I’ve gotten to sing with a lot of my idols and it’s been really great, but sometimes you don’t want to work with people you admire.

Are you afraid of being disappointed?

I don’t feel like I would really add much. Maybe I could play some piano, but I like his piano playing… I would love to work with somebody like Beck. I feel like he’s somebody who is interesting and always trying new things.

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