MTV Live host started stand-up when he was 17



Daryn Jones, the host of MTV Live, was interested in comedy from an early age.


When it comes to comedy, Daryn Jones is no rookie. The host of MTV Live has been telling jokes in front audiences for over a decade, starting out as a 17-year-old stand-up comic who rode the bus to his gigs at the local Yuk Yuks comedy club.


“I was always interested (in comedy). My dad used to tape old SNL episodes and we would watch them on Sunday mornings,” says Jones, whose early act consisted of babysitter jokes and a bit on living in a car that he based on Jerry Springer.

“Really smart, interesting stuff — really brilliant stuff,” he says.

While the thought of standing up in front of an audience of strangers and performing at the age of 17 would be enough to intimidate most people, Jones says it wasn’t really a problem for him. “I was so young that I didn’t realize that I should have been super scared.”

Jones’ on-camera debut came while working on Buzz, a Gemini award winning show that he helped write and produce with some comedians he met at Yuk Yuks.

From Buzz, Jones went on to work for a variety of shows and stations, including YTV, the Comedy Network and the Rick Mercer Report on CBC. He even landed a morning radio show on KISS 92.5 FM.

It was while he was a writer with the Rick Mercer Report, that Jones got a call from the people at MTV Canada. “They wanted to chat about a show they were working on for the new network,” Jones says, adding “We met a couple of times and talked about what they wanted to do, and where I was and it was a nice fit. I’m thrilled to be here”

As a host of MTV Live, the station’s flagship show, Jones shares the screen with the rest of MTV Canada’s on-air personalities. “We all work really well as a group,” he says.

An outsider looking in might assume that Jones’ experience in television means he helps his co-hosts prepare for the show, but Jones’ says nothing could be further from the truth.

“They don’t need my help,” he says. “We get together, we plan a show and we go out there and kill it and it works out pretty well.”

As far as his future goes, Jones says he has no time to even consider what might be next. “Every day is something totally different; it’s hard to look a day in advance. I am just thrilled to be doing this right now.”