Joseph Bray: Court orders dinner and bowling date for married couple

A man from Florida was ordered to take his wife out for a date after being charged for domestic violence.

Not many marital spats end with a court ruling for a man from Florida to take his wife out on a date.


Digital Spy reports the unusual ruling of treating his spouse to dinner, a bowling date and marriage counseling after the man was charged with a domestic violence charge.


This unusual incident involving Joseph Bray, 47, and his wife began after he failed to acknowledge his wife’s birthday.


It was reported that Bray pushed his wife on to a sofa and had his hand on her neck.


Judge John Hurley stated: "[Bray]'s going to stop by somewhere and he's going to get some flowers. And then he's going to go home, pick up his wife, get dressed [and] take her to Red Lobster.

“The court would not normally do that if the court felt there was some violence, but this is very, very minor and the court felt that that was a better resolution than other alternatives."

Maybe more people will acknowledge their partner's birthdays more otherwise end up having to take them out because of a court ruling.

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