Eight years ago, filmmaker Paul W.S. Anderson resurrected the dead with his slick, sexy, violent adaptation of the hot Capcom videogame Resident Evil, making a killing at the box office and spawning two Anderson-penned and produced sequels.

Charting the rise, fall and rise again of the evil Umbrella empire, the series follows the sexy Alice (Mila Jovovich) as she battles the unstoppable zombie-making “T-Virus” and the freakish corporate-created creatures that walk, run and slither among them.

Now, after surrendering final cut on the last two pictures, Anderson returns to the directorial fold with the hotly anticipated Resident Evil: Afterlife, the fourth and most over-the-top entry in the series, and the first to be shot in 3-D. More importantly, Anderson is returning to direct his wife and the mother of his child. That’s right, after falling in love on the set of the first Evil, Jovovich and Anderson tied the knot.


“Obviously, the Resident Evil world is a huge part of our daily lives,” says the lovely actress.

“We constantly bat ideas back and forth and let’s just say that draft one will never be seen by anyone. It got a lot of boiling water from his wife.”

Afterlife finds the now scientifically altered Alice still wandering the earth, trying to rescue pockets of human survivors from the flesh hungry hordes of the living dead, all while trying to evade the wrath of the power mad Umbrella Corporation and an army of her own clones in a series of stunning, state of the art action sequences.

“The clones are all me,” Jovovich says.

“I play each and every one of them. I told the producers that they should actually pay me by clone, as it’s incredibly difficult.”

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